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Italy is located in Southern Europe and has been the cradle of European cultures and peoples since the Etruscans and the ancient Romans. For a long time, Rome was the capital of the Roman Empire and the political centre for the Western civilisation.

Today, Italy is the perfect combination of the old and new world with architectural styles spanning centuries from Classical Roman to Art Nouveau and counts an impressive 44 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Italy is also rich in art, litterature, music and cinema. Each italian city offers hidden treasures: Genoa with the Roman/Renaissance St Lawrence Cathedral, the gondolas and the Carnival of Venice, the impressive Fort of Civitavecchia near Rome, the designer shops in Milan, Piombino and Livorno in the heart of the lovely Tuscan region and Savona, the residence of Christopher Columbus.

Italy is and will always be a stunning destination for the whole family and all tastes.

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