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Tanger, also called Tangier, enjoys a very rich historical heritage due to the presence of many civilizations and cultures since the 5th century BC. Nowadays, the city is undergoing rapid development and modernization.

Tangier is very easy to navigate around; the two main roads are Boulevard Mohamed V which runs from the Medina through the "Ville Nouvelle" and Boulevard Mohamed VI which runs along from the beachfront near the port to Malabata.

Mohamed V has a whole range of clothes shops, cafes and a good selection of hotels. Mohamed VI is home to numerous luxury hotels, bars, discos, restaurants and cafes.

Part of the constant development of the city of Tangier, the Tanger Med port, located 40 km from the city centre, has recently started to receive large passenger traffic from Algeciras and cargos from Europe. It is expected that, in the coming years, all ferry traffic will be handled by Tanger Med Port.

Tanger Ferries Port

Gare Maritime du Port Souk Al Mouhajir, 90 000 Tangier, Morocco.

Tangier Mediterranean Port

90 000 Tangier, Morocco.

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