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Situated in the Golfe of Valinco in Corsica, Propriano is at 57 km southeast of Ajaccio and is located on a natural harbor first exploited by the ancient Greeks, Carthaginians and Romans, but became a target for Saracen pirate raids in the eighteenth century.

Redeveloped in the 19th century, Propriano now boasts a thriving marina, and handles ferries to Toulon, Marseille and Sardinia.

Along the promenade you will find restaurants, traditional and modern hotels merging into a friendly quayside area. And beyond, Propriano's main street hosts a myriad of shops and other eateries. All around the Gulf, gorgeous sandy bays and coves lure sunbathers and swimmers with pale sands and turquoise waters.

Propriano Ferries Port

Gare Maritime, Quai L'Herminier, 20 110 Propriano.

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